Friday, May 8, 2009

My orange goldfish has turned almost completely white. why?

He(or she) is a fancy fish, not a 'feeder' variety. Thanks.
Your fish is perfectly fine.
I have a Fancy Goldfish (Ryunkin) that did the exact same thing. It happened after I tried a color enhancing fish food. I don't mind the change; but it was rather quick and complete.
Sounds like it could be ick. You can buy drops to put in your tank.
It's sick. My white fish became black once.
yeah probably close to dying sorry to hear that but you can try the drops that are supposed to heal him/her.
The loss of pigmentation could be due to a lack of sunlight, heredity, diet, and/or age
Goldfish turning color can be common.
How old is your goldfish? Less then a year?
If so, it can be very commeon.

Many of my Goldfish have changed color this Summer months -
I've had White/Red Sarassa Goldfish have their red slowly turn to white. I'm not sure why. I've checked everywhwere and have found out that it can happen.
In my other goldfish - it's happened to my younger ones - the comments. I've had the green ones turn to Orange and black. Other's have changed from Black to Orange and white. It's strange, but for some reason, the pigment in the skin cells can change - that's all it is -
Good Luck.
Its beacuse of a lack of sunlight, always keep the orange fish in a well lit room.
Clean the tank regurally.
Don't worry it's not dying
Hi, your first three responses were rather morbid weren't they! Goldfish turning different colours either wholly or partly is completely normal-as a general rule the get lighter as they age but these changes are very much random %26 totally unpredictable, nothing to worry about whatsoever.

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  1. I know this is superficial but I have had th same deal with my fish and would definately prefer it if it was gold, I love it but is there anything I can do or give it to restore it's colour, as the orange was better looking ;) thnx